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The highest grade 100% Kona coffee

Kona Coffee

The largest 100% kona coffee bean is called “EXTRA FANCY”, and are usually produced by the oldest trees then picked by hand when red ripe like a cherry from a high mountain farm. They tend to have slightly less desirable flavor and aroma the smaller they are. In this case bigger is truly better. For the highest quality coffee, buy only extra fancy grade ‘A’ Kona brands.

These lower grades are KONA FANCY (#2) and HAWAIIAN (#3). If the coffee is ungraded, the fresh picked cherries are considered to be Hawaiian, as the lowest grade can no longer be labeled as “Kona” by state law.

Coffee Grading Based on:

  1. Roasting Quality coffee: Fine Kona has even color.
  2. Aroma and flavor when brewed: 100% Kona is the most aromatic in the world.
  3. Moisture Content: 12% is considered the level for Maximum Flavor Extraction.
  4. Removal of Defective Beans: Visual Kona Inspection and Hand Selection.
  5. Separating 5% of the rare type of Kona called Peaberry, which are round.

Famous Kona brands are available here: https://www.konacoffeebelt.com