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Kona Café – 100% kona coffee

Kona Coffee

The highest grade 100% Kona coffee

The largest 100% Kona is called “EXTRA FANCY”, usually produced by the oldest trees, picked when red ripe like a cherry from our high mountain farm. Smaller 100% Kona tends to have slightly less desirable Kona flavor and Kona aroma. These lower grades are KONA FANCY (#2 Kona) and HAWAIIAN (#3 Kona). If 100% Kona coffee is ungraded, the fresh picked Kona cherries are considered to be Hawaiian, as the lowest grade 100% Kona can no longer be labeled as “Kona” by state law.

100% Kona Coffee Grading Based on:

  1. Roasting Quality: The best 100% Kona has even color.
  2. Aroma and flavor when brewed: 100% Kona is the most aromatic in the world.
  3. Moisture Content: 12% is considered the level for Maximum Kona Extraction.
  4. Removal of Defective Beans: Visual Kona Inspection and Hand Kona Selection.
  5. Separating 5% of the rare type of Kona called Peaberry, which are round.

Best brands are available here: https://www.konacoffeebelt.com