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You found the best 100% organic Kona coffee beans.

We are growers of specialty coffees from the top organic and fair trade farm in Hawaii. Jackson Coffee Farm customers are the most successful and highest quality-conscious connoisseur in North America.

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Kona Organic Coffee Beans

We created our relationship with Kona Coffee as a way to help small farmers of exemplary Kona coffee quality survive the current coffee climate. Our business is based upon the foundation of transparency, sustainable pricing based on quality, and facilitating direct contact between growers/roasters and customer.

Organic Kona Coffee and Sustainable Farms

Sustainable Kona Coffee is exclusive with Kona Coffee Farmers from the top organic, fair trade Kona and shade grown Kona coffee farms finest coffee growing region, “The Kona Coffee Belt”. We only process the best of our crop. Our goal is to keep the lands and families that produce exemplary Kona coffees thriving for generations to come. In this way, we are creating the future of Kona Coffee.

Coffee is the second most heavily traded commodity on the planet, which means that changes in the coffee market affect millions of people worldwide. We focus on the market niches of organic, shade-grown, and fair trade Kona coffees. We are honored to serve as the finest independent  Kona coffee roaster.

Only The Best Organic Kona Coffee Beans are Roasted

We only roast exemplary quality Kona coffees from extraordinary farms through the Kona belt. These farms produce delicious Kona coffees and protect their lands, their waters and the well-being of their Hawaiian workers.

While the New York “C” price is putting producers across the globe out of business, we pay farmers a stable price for a quality Kona crop. Together with our Kona customers, we build relationships that transform the “value chain” into a community – with the goal of keeping extraordinary Kona farms in business.

We continue to search for ways to reinvent Kona coffee commerce, to encourage the production of top quality Kona coffees in a manner that is socially just, environmentally sensitive, and economically viable.

Our way of doing business ensures that the lands and families that produce our exemplary Hawaiian coffees will thrive for generations to come. In this way, we are creating the future of coffee, and that is why we’re in the coffee business.

Organic Kona Coffees are Chemical Fertilizer and Pesticide Free

Organic Kona coffee is grown without synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, using sustainable agricultural methods. Working in harmony with nature, organic farming practices support the meticulous ecological balance maintained on our Kona coffee farms, and contribute to the extraordinary quality of our Kona coffee.

Many US states now regulate organic coffee, and the USDA plans to enforce additional regulation under the U.S. Organic Food Production Act. Organic Kona coffee must come from independently certified Kona farms, and roasted by certified Kona roasters to maintain the product’s integrity. At each step in the processing chain, audit trails track the coffee beans as they move from source to cup.

Organic Kona Coffee Fair Trade Brands

Certified Fair Trade Kona farmers are guaranteed a specific price per pound for organic coffee. Needless to say, current prices are putting farmers out of business and impoverishing coffee communities across Hawaii.

Fair Trade provides an alternative trade model that keeps small brands in business. The rules and membership of fair trade is managed by the non profit certification group, Transfair USA. Fair Trade rules stipulate healthy working conditions and a living wage for Kona farmers, among other criteria that aim to improve living conditions in Kona coffee producing communities.

Organic Kona Coffees Shade-grown Estates

“Shade-grown” Kona coffee is a method by which coffee is grown. It can apply to commercial or specialty Kona coffee, but is found more frequently in specialty Kona coffee production. Shade grown Kona coffee is grown under a canopy of Hawaiian shade trees, which provide habitat for birds and other species, enrich and conserve soil, and in many cases decrease the need for chemical inputs. Shade-grown Kona coffee estates thereby contribute to protection of natural habitats and tropical forest conservation in Hawaii where coffee estates produce.

Buying direct is a better 100% Kona organic Kona coffee from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kona Cafe Beans

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