Pure Kona Coffee Beans of Gourmet Quality

Coffee joins forces with Kona to create a unique brand called Kona Coffee.

kona coffee
Kona Coffee

The kona coffee represent the best of #1, grade one, type I extra fancy coffee beans. Kona makes it easy to enjoy fabulous independent media music promotion gourmet Lion coffee from the best Hawaiian estates.

We are proud of the Kona Coffee we produce here in Hawai’i.

We’re sure that you will be equally proud to serve our delicious Black Gold Kona or the new Hawaii Coffee Factory brand coffees.

Arabica beans, nourished by the rich volcanic soil are dried under by the Hawaiian sun and carefully prepared by the people of Kailua Kona. Then, through a unique roast process, the beans are infused with the Island essence. Delicious!

It is a rich bodied, medium roast Kona coffee with mild acidic. The excellent body is complemented by a luscious hint of chocolate at the Kona finish.

This could be the perfect Kona dessert coffee.

The Original Kona Coffee is a Natural Dry, sun dried Arabica coffee. In the Natural Dry process, the husk remains on the bean while it sun dries and are removed during milling. A rich, deep roast and our Natural Dry process give it a bolder, brighter flavor. A robust coffee with mild acidity and a full bodied finish.

Kona Coffee connoisseurs agree that, the peaberry is the source of the finest possible cup of coffee. From each harvest, less than 5% of our Kona crop meets the standards required to qualify as the most prized bean in the coffee world.

It’s the perfect choice for the most discriminating Kona Coffee connoisseur.

Hawaii is home to the only coffee grown commercially in the United States. It was brought here in 1825 from a plantation near Rio de Janeiro and flourished in the island’s near perfect soil and weather conditions. Today, Hawaiian coffee is famous the world over.

The island of Hawaii is in the heart of Coffee, and the largest island. Our beautiful plantation rests in the cool foothills. Here 50 acres of land have become home to Hawaii’s finest Kona Coffee crop. In addition to abundant sunshine and moderate tropical weather, two major factors influence this microclimate.

One, the volcanic soil is an intense red, well drained and mineral rich.
Two , our careful combination of traditional farming and processing methods with current technology produces coffee that is unique in the Kona world.

Fully integrated Kona Coffee plantation and Store.

We plant, grow, nurture and harvest the coffee plant. We process and roast the coffee bean. Then we package and bring the coffee to market.

We found you the best Kona coffee beans by growing them!

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