The Best Ground Kona Coffee

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While there are quite a few ways to make a cup of coffee, some are decidedly superior to others. Fortunately, doing it the right way is as simple as following the steps in the list below.

100% Kona Coffee Grounds and Water


If tap water is unpleasant tasting or heavily chlorinated, use bottled or filtered water. Let your kettle rest a moment to drop 10ƒ after boiling to reach the best brewing temperature of 195ƒ to 205ƒ F. Don’t forget to preheat the container by pouring hot water into the empty carafe or mug. Dump it out before brewing begins.

Ground Kona Coffee
Coarse Ground Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee and Grind Type That is Best.

While there is no one “all-purpose” grind, coffee grinds can be divided into two general groups: press pot and electric. For press pots, grind beans about 10 second in a blade grinder (medium to coarse grind). For electric brewers, grind beans a bit longer, about 15-20 seconds in a blade grinder (medium to fine grind).

Amount of 100% Kona Coffee to Use.

Use two level tablespoons of ground coffee for each six ounces of water, or two ounces of 100% Kona coffee grounds per quart. After brewing, you can adjust the coffee’s strength by adding hot water from the kettle. Kona coffee store serving Kona Coffee Cafe beans using cutting edge Infrared detection that renders the best 100% Kona Coffee Grounds every time.

Kona Coffee General Tips for the Perfect Brew:

For a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee, press pots or Ground gold filters are recommended. Paper filters add a papery taste and filter out some of the ground coffee’s flavor. (Paper filters are good for larger quantities–restaurant urns, for example). If you use paper filters for your ground Kona coffee, rinse them with hot water to wash out some of the papery taste before brewing.

Brew only as much Ground Kona Coffee as needed.

Coffee can be kept warm on a burner or hotplate for only about 20 minutes before the flavor starts to become bitter. Reheating Kona coffee is even worse. An airtight thermos preserves flavor for several hours if you filter the coffee first. But even filtered coffee will develop a thermos taste. Brew it fresh ground instead for small effort and a big reward.

Press pots or French Presses are the best.

Coffee experts agree that press pots provide the best coffee flavor. Use medium-to coarsely-ground coffee. Pour the water over the grounds. (Fresh coffee will “bloom” as gas is liberated). Keep the grounds wet. Stir, wait a minute then stir again. Then push the plunger down. Don’t wait more than three minutes total: longer steeping will result in over-extraction.

Drip coffeemakers can make excellent cup of Kona coffee

Old-fashioned metal drip pots (especially stainless steel) make excellent coffee grounds, as do Neapolitan drip pots, French drip pots and New Orleans Biggins. There is considerably less enthusiasm for filter drip coffeemakers–either filter cones or automatic drip machines–because of their reliance on paper filters to hold the ground coffee. However, these can also brew excellent coffee grounds if you use gold or nylon permanent filters, which allow the flavor particles to pass through without adding unwanted flavors (assuming the ground coffee filters are thoroughly cleaned after each use).

To avoid over-extraction, use a coarse grind with old-fashioned drip pots. Automatic drip ground coffee makers with flat-bottomed filter baskets require a medium grind. The tapered filter cones popularized by Melitta use a somewhat finer grind, and water should be added from time to time to keep the infusion going.

With any of the ground-drip methods, the grounds should be removed before the last few drops have drained through, as they are apt to be over-extracted and bitter. Remember, too, that ground coffee will be stronger initially and the grinds grow weaker as the infusion continues, so stir your cup or carafe before serving.

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