Why is the 100% Kona Bean the Bean To Buy?

About Kona Bean Blends : Read the Fine Print

You can go buy a pound of beans at what seems to be a better price and then you notice in small print on the label, it says “Not less than 10% Kona bean.” You just bought a blend, not a 100% Kona bean. If you take one Kona bean, nine Colombian or Brazilian Beans, grind them up, and brew up some coffee, you’ll end up with a cup that tastes very much like Colombian or Brazilian beans. They are not bad beans.

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Pure Kona Bean

It’s just not 100% Pure Kona bean.

Our label says: “100% Pure Kona Bean”.

When you buy a 100% Pure Kona bean, you get 100% Pure Kona Coffee. We try to make it easy! We even use 100% in our Hawaiian blends which represents the combination of beans from the best Hawaiian Estates.

Our flavored coffees are made with 100% Hawaiian beans.

When you shop around look carefully at the amount of beans being sold. A lot of sites seem to have a better bean price but they’re selling 10 or 12 ounce 10% blends. At High Mountain Estate, you’ll only find 7 and 16 ounce bags.

Here at High Mountain Estate we are lucky we live paradise.

At any rate, we who live and brew beans at the foot of one barely dormant and one very active volcano are faced with a single mission: Humbly offer the exceptional handcrafted Kona bean to the world or starve.

Will you save us ultimately? We don’t know. But we don’t waste time on the mediocre bean. We are Kona bean artisans. We roast in small bean batches daily and use the 100% Kona bean grown here on our estate. We deliver the bean fruits of our estate to all the earth at the best deal.

We specialize in the 100% Kona bean

We grow the 100% Pure Kona bean and are proud of one the finest beans from Kona. We roast beans on our solar powered farm daily and sell at the best bean price delivered to our customers directly.

We guarantee that not only is this the best bean in the world, it’s the best price you’ll find anywhere on or off the web for REAL KONA.

Our mission is to offer the best Kona bean at the best bargain.

Otherwise what’s the point?

You can buy beans all over the web or at your local coffee shop. The only way we are going to stand out from everybody else is to offer the best quality Kona Bean and sell it at the best bean price.
Here we specialize in freshly roasted 100% Kona bean, 100% Hawaiian Blends, and 100% Hawaiian Flavored beans. On the beautiful island of Hawaii, we roast our coffee daily in small batches to ensure the freshness of every bean roasted. Taste the fresh tropical flavors of the Hawaii Island beans delivered Kona direct to your doorstep.

Kona Coffee Beans

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